Image vectorization

Inkscape is awesome.I just discovered image vectorization on inkscape. You just import a bitmap image and then go to path->trace bitmap [inkscape wiki]. The effects are amazing AND fast. I’m impressed.

Vacuum pumps

Are available from The science company. (search for vacuum pumps) The ones they have are plastic body, and they get a decent vacuum but for small volumes (each stroke moves about 15ml). They come with a guage The tool source. Which seems to be geared toward automotive (car) repair. They have a bunch of handheld… Read More Vacuum pumps

Modifying Thunderbird tags

There is no good way to modify or delete tag definitions from the Thunderbird UI. The tag definitions are stored in prefs.js [mozillazine] in lines such as user_pref(“mailnews.tags.receipt.color”, “#C0C0C0”);user_pref(“mailnews.tags.receipt.tag”, “Receipt”); in this case “receipt” is the name of the tag (the string that gets put into the mail header) and “Receipt” is what you see… Read More Modifying Thunderbird tags

Paper Art

Peter Callesen cuts outlines from a4 paper and then makes sculptures out of them, without ripping the continuity of the paper i.e. the paper is still attached together!

Thunderbird local folder tags redux : It can be done!

Compacting a folder adds the X-Mozilla-Keys: header if it does not exist [mozillazine],[googlegroups thread],[bugzilla]. You can force a folder compact by deleting an (unimportant) email and then compacting the folder. (Just clicking compact will do nothing to a folder if there is nothing to be deleted). Thunderbird, once it sees the X-Mozilla-Keys: header, will actually… Read More Thunderbird local folder tags redux : It can be done!

Archiving email : Thunderbird tags not ready for primetime yet

Thunderbird stores email in plain text files (mbox format) that have names like INBOX and mysweetiesemails (files with no extensions). Riding with these mbox files are other plaintext files with corresponding names INBOX.msf and mysweetiesemails.msf . These .msf files are mail summary files used by thunderbird to speed up certain actions that would otherwise require… Read More Archiving email : Thunderbird tags not ready for primetime yet

3D scanning

Looking into 3D scanning I came across several home brew methods. This guy was actually selling a method (I guess he was selling the line laser, because he claims the software is free) – DAVID-Laserscanner. And there is the Next engine which retails for a cool $2500.