Laughter, groupthink and physical distancing

One of the unexpected side-effects of our attempt to fire-break #COVID19 with #PhysicalDistancing , is the absence of laughter in the late night shows I like to watch. This lack of laughter taught me some interesting things about my reactions to these shows, and gave me extra admiration for how @StephenAtHome and @iamjohnoliver
are now doing the shows with no live feedback. … Read More Laughter, groupthink and physical distancing

We should not be wasting money on manned space missions.

Currently, robotic spacecraft give us enormously more scientific and engineering value than manned missions. We should only invest in manned space flight once there is a clear rationale for a continuous manned presence in space. When Boeing figured out that bad time data caused Starliner to waste precious propellant during orbit insertion, making it infeasible… Read More We should not be wasting money on manned space missions.

Picking a camera

I needed to replace my dSLR and decided that I would get a mirrorless camera instead of another SLR. I wrote this post as a way of organizing my thoughts and research on my way to buying the replacement. I would say I’m a practical photographer now. I started out a long-long time ago doing things like… Read More Picking a camera