Subplot with polar

If you want to do a polar plot in a subplot you will be surprised –when you do subplot(1,2,1) (say) this sets up the axes in cartesian mode. You need to do subplot(1,2,1,polar=True) to set the plot in polar mode

Setting up SVN repository on a linux machine

Refer to SVN manual at What worked for me: repositories created bysvnadmin create /path/to/repo/module initial import via svn import module file:///path/to/repo/module -m “initial import”make sure you have the following subdirectories in this initial folder that you importtrunk (all the code goes here)tags (empty)branches (empty) local checkout:svn checkout file:///path/to/repo/module/trunk moduleTortoise CVS checkout repository URL like:svn+ssh://… Read More Setting up SVN repository on a linux machine


I took up archery recently, and I have really gotten into it. I’ve added some archery related links on the blog. I started out cheap, since I was interested in it enough to want to buy equipment, but I didn’t know if it would be a hobby that would stick. No-brand fibreglass recurve bow 60″,… Read More Archery