Reading excel spreadsheets into Python

ftp xlrd-0.6.1.zipsudo python install xlrd – works as advertized, no mess, no fuss. “There are no dependencies on modules or packages outside the standard Python distribution.” – that’s what we like to hear. Quick start is here. import xlrd book = xlrd.open_workbook(“myfile.xls”) print “The number of worksheets is”, book.nsheets print “Worksheet name(s):”, book.sheet_names()… Read More Reading excel spreadsheets into Python

Video chat app shootout mac

iChatNative mac chat programDoes not play well with PCRumored to work with AIM MSN MessengerDoes not have video chat Mercury messengerHas video chat, but frame rate is very jerkyWorks with MSN messenger aMSNDecent video framerateWorks with MSN messengerCan not do audio!

Python IDE shootout (Mac)

Eclipse + PyDevCode foldingCode browserSyntax highlightingNag screen (PyDev extensions)No code completion Xcode + Marxy’s scriptsCode section highlighting (rather than folding)Syntax highlightingNo code completionNo code browsingNot a tabbed interface Komodo EditCode foldingSyntax highlightingCode completion (but doesn’t work on pylab for some reason)No code browsing PIDATo try out

Mencoder on mac

UPDATE: I’ve switched to ffmpeg ftp -xvf freetype-2.3.9.tar.bz2cd freetype-2.3.9./configuremake -j8sudo make install ftp -xvf mplayer-export-snapshot.tar.bz2cd mplayer-export-2009-03-24/./configuremake -j4sudo make install essential-macosx-x86-20060611.zipsudo installer -pkg Essential\ Codecs\ Package\ \(Intel\).pkg -target “/” Image sequence to movie that QuickTime can play mencoder mf://*.JPG -mf fps=2:type=jpg -ovc lavc -o rig.avi -vf scale=600:450 -ffourcc DX50

Mac broken in

After three days the mac has been set up. What is missing is a good photo album app. iPhoto is fancy, but it keeps all these copies of photos around (even with the ‘copy’ option unchecked, and the originals unmodified) and it can not read the IPCT metadata that windows photo gallery has written. Firefox… Read More Mac broken in

/tmp on finder

Finder (which is what the folder navigation thing is called on a mac) does not show you the /tmp folder, and there is no option that will reveal such dangerous system folders to you apple users – move along. From a tip here [metafilter], you need to hit the ‘go’ menu and type in /tmp… Read More /tmp on finder

LaTeX on mac

This page [pennstate] has a great comparison of latex related stuff on macs. I went with the MacTeX-2007 package [] – this seems to have EVERYTHING, since my thesis compiles just fine, and I recall vaguely I used a bunch of extra styles and packages. I’m used to Texniccenter, which helps organize files into projects… Read More LaTeX on mac