Endnote X bug for years 2010 and later

No you aren’t crazy. Endnote does really screwup when the citation date is 2010 or later. There is a fix here. Among the new “features” added in this “enhancement” is: Can import records properly from a wider range of years than ever before, including 2010 and later Someone overdid it in marketing school.

Vista anti-malware

A computer got infected with this. It pretends that your computer is infected with x amount of spyware/malware and you have to get the registered version to remove the (fake) malware. From the page here the steps to getting rid of this annoyance are: Type Ctrl/Shift/Escape to bring up the task manager (or right click… Read More Vista anti-malware

Playing with Spyder

Since they advertise so nicely how it works with numpy and matplotlib… not that there is anything wrong with eclipse and ipython – sometimes you need a quick way to test and idea. Install SIP from source package (python configure.py; make; sudo make install) Download and install PyQT from reiverbank (python configure.py; make; sudo make… Read More Playing with Spyder

April fools

I’m hardened to April Fool’s foolishness. But this eclipse rebranding thing really caught me off guard. I was there to see if there was a new version of Eclipse, and I found this: