Olympus E-M10: A keeper

This is the second part of my post about my experiences with the OM-D E-M10 camera. Though my initial reaction was negative, I’ve found many things to love about this tiny but powerful camera. Most importantly, it makes me want to take pictures and I’m back to filling up my hard drive with images. Electronic […]


Picking a camera

I needed to replace my dSLR and decided that I would get a mirrorless camera instead of another SLR. I wrote this post as a way of organizing my thoughts and research on my way to buying the replacement. I would say I’m a practical photographer now. I started out a long-long time ago doing things like […]

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Ex Machina

Originally posted on Spoiler Alert!:
The thing I like the most about Ex Machina is that one of the protagonists not only gives us a proper definition of the Turing test, but he also describes a delicious modification of the Turing test that took me a second to savor fully. The plot also twists quite nicely in…


The magic of memoization

Project Euler problem #15 (This may be a spoiler BTW) can be solved via recursion, but because the tree is so wide it quickly blows up. More irritatingly, much like computing the Fibonacci sequence recursively, we keep doing the same computation over and over again. I knew how to solve this using imperative programming and […]