Macro lens

A lens of a given focal length has a certain field of view. If you can focus the lens close enough, you can get large reproductions of objects. Such lenses are called macro lenses.

50mm f/0.7

Its billed as the world’s fastest lens. A limited number were built for NASA (glamor portraits in outer space – astronauts photographed only by the light of their own instruments) and Stanley Kubrik snagged a few to make some obscure movie shot mostly by candle light (yep, he spent all his money on those fancy… Read More 50mm f/0.7

Grouping results in rails

I needed to group records by year. From this post and the enumerate module docs we end up with entries = Entry.find :all, :order => ‘date DESC’ entries.group_by do |entry| end The group_by returns a hash with keys corresponding to the result of the block (i.e. the year)

D40 quick controls

Set Fn button to control ISO Set AE/AF lock to AE only In A/S (Aperture/Shutter priority) modes Wheel alone controls Aperture(Shutter) Wheel + function controls ISO Wheel + (+/-) controls exposure compensation (I keep forgetting this) In M (Full manual) modes Wheel controls shutter Wheel + (+/-) controls aperture Wheel + function controls ISO Exposure… Read More D40 quick controls