time.time() vs time.clock()

From a variety of sources, notably here, we have: time.clock() gives the best timer accuracy on Windows, while the time.time() function gives the best accuracy on Unix/Linux. Additionally on non ‘win32’ systems time.clock() will measure application CPU time, which excludes time spent waiting for I/O while time.time() will measure ‘absolute’ time. On win32 time.clock() also… Read More time.time() vs time.clock()

Rubble pile asteroids

As a child I learned about asteroids and have pictured them as solid pieces of rock of different sizes. Apparently, though, there have been suggestions since the 1970s and recent empirical data that some asteroids are actually collections of smaller rocks held loosely together by mutual gravity. I don’t know what proportion of asteroids are… Read More Rubble pile asteroids