Size of objects in Python

struct.calcsize(fmt) – only gives size of fixed data types given by fmtsys.getsizeof(obj) – (added in Python 2.7) gives the size in bytes of builtin types, but not the actual used memorypympler.asizeof(obj) – gives the actual memory the object uses

Multiple logins to the same site

Multifox is a great firefox add-on that allows you to switch between multiple accounts on the same site (Say you have two facebook accounts and you need to switch between them and are tired of logging out and then back in again). It’s user interface is simple and effective.


Whenever I submit a job to the computing cluster I have to smile and wonder if the folks at Platform Computing planned their command naming very carefully so that one of their commands would endup as “bjobs“.

Thunderbird bug

If new mail comes in and goes through a filter and into a folder, if you are viewing that folder, the new mail does not appear until you view a new folder and then go back to the old folder.