Endnote and MS word 2008 mac

With tracking on, and under circumstances I have not nailed down, endnote insert citation will fail with a ‘COM’ error and will not update the field codes. The solution is to close word, close endnote and then reopen the document. On the next citation insert all field codes will be properly updated.

Why I love Python

I was reading “The remarkable inefficiency of word recognition” (Pelli et al. 2003) and I wanted to generate some of the stimuli they were using. In Python it took me a few hours total, starting cold using the Python Imaging Library. The code is below…. “””This contains routines to generate degraded letter stimuli”””import Image #The… Read More Why I love Python

Laptop saga III

Well, a month or two ago HP came good with their promise to replace the busted laptop [post 1, 2] and they sent over a dv2000 replacement for the old one. However, I read here (electronista) that several of their models have been affected by bad nvidia chips (this was the problem I was facing)… Read More Laptop saga III