TV converter box

Looked at consumer reports and decided to get the Insignia NS-DXA1 which is the same as the Zenith DTT900. Some reports say that there is an audio problem, and some guys actually did an fft of the signal output and showed that there are mysterious peaks at 12kHz and 16kHz. I’ll be able to tell… Read More TV converter box

Aspell on Mac os

Get cocoAspell mount the dmg, install the package go to /Library/Application Support/cocoAspell/ and find any dictionaries that are install, or go to and install some new dicts go into the dictionary directory and dosudo ./configuresudo makesudo make install aspell is now ready

Incremental backups

From here: rshargs = -Cperms = 1path = Unison-testbackup = Name *#backuplocation = localbackupdir = Laptop-Backup/ZZ-Old-versions –> NOTE RELATIVE PATH!!!backupprefix =backupsuffix = .$VERSIONmaxbackups = 100root = /Users/kghose/root = ssh://**.**.**//Volumes/Blur File Server/Users/kghose/Laptop-Backup

Icons on mac

Crop square image file from photo or from scratch using a picture editor e.g. GIMP Open up Icon Composer (Comes with xcode, /Developer/Applications/Utilities) Drag and drop the image file onto Icon Composer Save the file (say ‘myicon.icns’) Open myicon.icns in preview Copy the image Select the folder/file whose icon you want to change Right click… Read More Icons on mac

QT designer

Can no longer add arbitrary slots to a widget, do that through the subclass [here]. Add menu items my clicking on the ‘type here’ text on the widget [here].

QT on mac

#include //For the GUI components#include “ui_main_window.h” //generated from QT Designervoid setup_menu_bar(QMainWindow *mw) { QMenu *fileMenu = mw->menuBar()->addMenu(“&File”) ; //QT on Mac automagically moves these to the application menu item because //they have the strings ‘quit’, ‘about’ etc. in them //( fileMenu->addAction(“&About”, mw, SLOT(close())); fileMenu->addAction(“&Quit”, mw, SLOT(close()));}int main(int argc, char *argv[]) { QApplication app(argc, argv); QMainWindow… Read More QT on mac

Google sketchup hints

If updating gets slow, go to View and turn off ‘section planes’ and ‘section cuts’ For the tape measure tool hitting ‘option’ (on Mac) will allow you to add guides Measuring from a guide line results in a infinite guide line parallel to the starting guideline, measuring from a component point results in a finite… Read More Google sketchup hints

Unison on Mac OS X

Works swimmingly. I have 10.5 on my laptop (Darwin Kernel Version 9.3.0) and there is 10.4 on the lab server (Darwin Kernel Version 8.11.0) and Unison synchs just fine over ssh. Thanks to Alan Schmitt for the binaries.


lsof is a fun tool to use. It lists files opened by a process. Man page here. Example usage lsof -p 6415 (list files open by given process) Thanks to Jon Hendry for introducing me to this tool!

Boston Commute

I commute between the Malden area and the Longwood area. There are several ways to solve this problem: Orange Line to Ruggles (30min) + walk (10-15min) ~ 45min Orange line to Ruggles + Free Longwood area shuttle (No ID required) – 35min to 45min Orange line to Ruggles + Bike (Haven’t tried this, wouldn’t work… Read More Boston Commute