(Common) Lisp Resources

Setup (what I use) + libraries apps


  • State of the CL ecosystem (2015) – A very recent review of what’s available for common lisp, including machine learning, GUI programming, IDEs and documentation
  • Practical common lisp – I go here for bits of wisdom about the semantics of Lisp, not only it’s syntax
  • The common Lisp hyperspec – somewhat useful as a reference, often too abstract for me – I’m a guy who learns by seeing examples. The 1990s web design design isn’t helping Lisp’s image. Just sayin’
  • Lisp koans – a nice way to learn Lisp
  • A short introduction to the Lambda Calculus (pdf) – Achim Jung. A nice article, with a bit of historical background, on the mathematical backbone of Lisp. Easy to read.