Passing parameters to render_component

render_component is used to call an action in a controller while rendering a view. Note the difference in how to pass parameters to the controller between link_to and render_component link_to ‘Edit’, {:controller => ‘notes’, :action => ‘edit’, :p1 => @note, :p2 => @zippo } render_component :controller => ‘notes’, :action => ‘edit’, :params => {:p1 =>… Read More Passing parameters to render_component

Lunar eclipse

The moon turned a lovely shade yesterday. Pics with a 3.2 MPx Cannon Powershot on a tripod. They are poor quality – mostly over exposed. Eclipse half way done The streak is probably a satellite, with the bright dots being when it spins and reflects the sunlight my way.

Making up numbers

SETI, anthropogenic C02 driven global warming (oh, sorry, climate change – now that its becoming more and more clear that climatologists are like economists: both dealing with complex dynamical systems and not knowing whats going on, but pretending to anyway), casualty demographics in the Vietnam war, trickle down economies, DDT, population bomb, population implosions and… Read More Making up numbers

C64 Nostalgia

The emulator is winvice, and the game archive is at arnold. I had a c128 and the emulator brought back memories of trying out the monitor command [instruction set here] and the sprite editor [here]. I remember going through the ROM using the monitor’s memory inspect ability and coming across names of some people, followed… Read More C64 Nostalgia