GPL logo

is not very good. Its kind of crowded and ungainly. Don’t you think they should have come up with something more visually appealing? To me, even plain type looks better! Like this GPLv3


Ahh Ruby… Suppose you have a string class that corresponds to a class name and you want to call a certain method on it, what do you do? Well you could do eval class + ‘.method’ but that will be slow (as evals are slow) and apparently that looks ugly. But the creator of Ruby… Read More Constantize.

Bookmarks in Eclipse!

I was jumping round my analysis code and getting tired of hunting to find the apropriate line I was working on. I thought wouldn’t it be nice if there was a bookmark system. So I right clicked on the gutter in eclipse. And. Whaddya know? THERE’S A BOOKMARK SYSTEM. I love this IDE.