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The Felix problem

Say you have a multiplayer game where there is no central server. You need to indicate to a pair of players if they are within a certain distance from each … Continue reading

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Ok, so it doesn’t have as nice a ring to it as “Cythonize!” but the Python C-Foreign Function Interface blew my mind away. I had previously used Cython to write … Continue reading

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maximum [1..1e6]

I had heard about Haskell – the coolest language on the block – from several friends. After reading the chapter on typeclasses from Learn You A Haskell for Great Good my … Continue reading

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The year humans lost a pair of chromosomes

Many mistakes in science persist because the creators of wrong knowledge refuse to acknowledge their mistakes and often intimidate others (with correct information) from positions of power. This phenomenon has lead a once well known practitioner of the trade to remark “Science advances one funeral at a time”.

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In this post I take Python code to do a task (draw fractals), write it in the spirit of Python (a pleasure to write, read and maintain), use profiling to … Continue reading

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A note on “The Worst Programming Interview Question”

Rod Hilton has a blog post where he argues against using puzzler type questions during an interview. I agree with him in spirit, but feel that puzzler questions have a … Continue reading

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The masked chromosome

A tale of grand theft genome and the mysterious origins of the Y chromosome … I was looking at the sequence of the Y chromosome and trundling merrily along: TTGGAGTGGAATGGAATAGAGAGGAACGAATTGGAATGGAGGGTAGTGGAATGGAGTGGATTCCAGTGGA … Continue reading

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